Wertel's Tap

2545 Manitowoc Rd.
Green Bay, WI

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   Sandwiches are served with
potato chips and a pickle.
Wertel Burger                               $4.50
Two hamburger patties, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and sauce
1/4 lb. Hamburger                       $3.00
 1/4 lb. Cheeseburger                  $3.50
Bacon Cheeseburger                    $4.00
Mushroom Swiss Burger             $3.95

Patty Melt                                       $3.95
Tenderloin Sandwich                   $5.75
Pizza Burger                                  $3.95
BBQ Beef                                       $4.75
Hot Beef                                        $4.50
Sloppy Joe                                      $4.25

B.L.T                                                $3.95

Seaburger                                       $4.25
with tartar sauce on the side

Chicken Sandwich                        $4.25
deep fried with lettuce and mayo on the side

Grilled Ham & Cheese                 $3.75

Grilled Ham                                   $3.50

Grilled Cheese                               $3.25

Hot Dog                                          $3.50

Egg Salad                                       $3.50
with lettuce

Tuna Salad                                     $3.75
with lettuce

PB & J                                             $3.25
double decker with grape jelly

Prime Rib Wrap                            $7.95
prime rib with sautéed mushrooms, onions, and green peppers and provolone cheese

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap      $6.95
crispy chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and ranch

Side Orders

Onion Rings                                 $3.25
French Fries                                $3.25
Tater Tots                                     $3.25
Cheese Curds                              $3.25

White Cheese Curds                  $3.75

Deep Fried Green Beans           $3.25  with ranch for dipping.

Hot Poppers                                $3.25
filled with chedder cheese.


Soups & Salads

Chef's Salad                                 $4.95
lettuce, ham, egg, cucumber, tomato, cheese, choice of dressing
Crispy Chicken Salad                $4.95
lettuce, chicken strips, egg, cucumber, tomato, cheese, choice of dressing
Tuna Salad Plate                         $4.95 tuna salad, tomato, cucumber, egg, and potato salad or cottage cheese on a bed of lettuce with your choice of dressing
Side Salad                                     $1.95

Bowl of Chili                                $3.95

Cup of Chili                                  $3.25

Bowl of Soup                                $3.75

Cup of Soup                                 $3.00

Bowl of Clam Chowder               $3.95
available Friday's only

Cup of Clam Chowder                $3.25
available Friday's only


Please, no substitutes.

Wing Dings & Fries                     $5.95
Shrimp & Fries                          $10.95
Chicken Strips & Fries               $5.95

Lunch Specials

Served 11am - 2pm

5oz Tenderloin

Chef's Choice

Prime Rib

Fish Fry
Wednesday Nights 4pm - 8pm
Dinners include: salad bar, soup & dessert - dine in only.

Thursday Nights     4pm - 8pm
Serving full menu

Fridays 11am - 9pm
Dinners include: cole slaw, rye bread, tartar & choice of potato: broasted, fries, baked, tater tots, potato salad or German potato salad. Add onion rings for $1.00

Fish Frys

Available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Perch                                             $13.95
Double Perch                              $18.95

Walleye                                         $11.95

Jumbo Shrimp                            $11.95

Shrimp Basket                            $10.95

Deep Fried Cod                           $12.95

Boiled Cod                                   $13.95

Bluegill                                         $11.95

Sauteed Shrimp or Scallops    $13.95
served over rice with onions, peppers and mushrooms in garlic butter

Seafood Platter                           $17.95
perch, shrimp, and cod

Smelt                                             $7.95
in season only


  Available Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
10 oz Tenderloin                        $11.95
10 oz Prime Rib                         $13.95

Small, 2 pieces                            $6.95
Large, 4 pieces                            $8.50
$.50 extra for all white meat


Prices are subject to change.
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